Autumn Easter Decorating

Those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere have it so easy when it comes to Easter decorating. All those sweet bunnies and fluffy chicks belong in Spring, where Easter falls for you.

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, Easter decorating is a little more complicated. We could go for the whole unseasonal bunny/chicks thing. Indeed, our stores are full of these kinds of decorations, along with our Aussie chocolate bilbies.

Another choice is to follow our own seasons and defy the trend.

However, when I did a Google search of "autumn easter decorating australia" I came up with few ideas. Clearly, Easter and autumn don't belong together in the Aussie psyche, despite having always dwelled together.

Easter aside, I did like the idea pictured above for an Autumn candle holder. You can find the instructions here.

I also liked this idea for autumny-coloured Easter cupcakes, without a bunny or chick in sight.

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