"The Correct Appearance for Various Pies"

Fresh Baked and Delicious Pie Cooling on Metal Rack

"Apple pie should be covered with puff or rough puff pastry, and should not be
ornamented. Brushed with white of egg or water, sprinkled with sugar before
baking. A little castor sugar dusted over it as it goes to the table.

All fruit except apple should be covered with short crust (either plain or
good), not ornamented, brushed with egg white or water; sprinkled with

Rabbit or Mutton Pies should be covered with short crust. They are decorated
with roses and leaves brushed over with egg.

Meat Pies should have a hole made at each end, and in the centre, and if not
to be used till next day, a serving of the crust should be removed and placed on
top to allow the air to get into the contents."

from Everylady's Cook-Book, Edited and Compiled by Miss Drake, 1925.

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