Easter 2009

An Old Battered Brown Suitcase on a Wooden Floor

I had a "Happy Easter" blog post planned, but it didn't happen. Life and family activities got in the way. Which is just as it should be.

Easter, that most holy, sad-then-joyful time in the Christian calendar has been very busy. My youngest brother and his girlfriend drove all the way from Sydney to spend the weekend with us. A little brother who will drive over 18 hours in each direction to spend one weekend with his big sister, niece and nephews, is truly a wonderful being. His girlfriend is wonderful too.

In addition, some dear friends from Melbourne have been in town and we have enjoyed their company immensely. The children especially liked spending time with a family of their old friends.

We spent the weekend:

eating: way too many chocolate eggs, home-made hot cross buns, and chocolate cake decorated with Easter eggs, and chocolate self-saucing pudding with Cadbury's turkish delight ice cream.

playing: Blokus, Trivial Pursuit, chess and Wii Fit, brought by my brother (and sadly taken home by him too, though he did very generously offer to let us keep it)

walking: through the Adelaide Botanical Gardens and along the Torrens River in glorious autumn sunshine

watching: the sun set over the Spencer Gulf at Henley Beach

I hope you had a happy and joyous Easter too.

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