Cupcakes Galore at Grandparents' Day

Today was Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day at the school attended by my youngest three children. We were excited because, for the first time in many years, we had a grandparent in town who could do the honours. My mother flew all the way from the Central Coast of NSW to be here for this special event.

How proud my children were to show Grandy their classrooms, escort her around the school, and take her to the morning tea! And my, what a morning tea it was!

Four long trestle tables were laden with food, savoury and sweet. As the food was eaten, more and more food came out, for two hours. I think every family in the school and many of the grandparents brought plates of food. I have never seen such an impressive feast before, from home-made sausage rolls to pavlovas, cheesecakes to pastries, sushi to sandwiches. There were also beautiful cafetiere coffee and Twinings' teas, so our guests were treated in style.

Of course, my attention was immediately drawn to the cupcakes, and there was a wonderful selection. I drew some bewildered stares when I took photos of the cupcakes, but I was keen to share them with you.

whipped cream and jam butterfly cakes

orange poppyseed cakes with cream cheese frosting wrapped Cath Kidson-style

banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting made by Kerry, who reads this blog (and who contacted me after I moved here only to find that we have children at the same school)

pineapple muffins

raspberry cupcakes

a variety of cheerful creations

Have you ever noticed how the home-made cakes and desserts always disappear first at social functions? That was certainly true today.

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