My New Job

Office Girl, Womens Secretaries Portraits Magazine, UK, 1951
I realise that I have been a horrible tease telling you that I have a new job and then not saying any more about it. It's just that life has been incredibly busy with having a new job, as well as having my Mum visiting from Sydney this week, and I have barely had time to breathe, let alone blog.

Now, about the job. I have a three month contract working in the business development office of a university. I will be working from 9 'til 3, Monday to Thursday, each week. My work is only 10-15 minutes from home so I can manage school runs fairly easily. As for the work itself, it's quite detailed and I am on a very steep learning curve. Once I have full computer access (it's taken a few days to organise), I'll have much more to learn. Even the discipline of getting all the chores done and everyone out of the house by 8.25 in the morning is a challenge.

However, I like working outside the house. I like that when I am at work all I have to think about is work. When I worked at home I could feel my incomplete household tasks nagging away in the background as I worked. And when I did housework I often felt I should be doing my other work. I hope these sentences aren't too tangled; I'm very tired.

Once the three months is up, hopefully I'll be able get another position within the university. Or perhaps I'll be ready to collapse in a heap.

I'll keep you posted.

Do you have any tips for returning to work after a long period at home? Please share them!

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