The Perfect Lunch

"A good lunch is fresh. Your score is zero if you make up sandwiches the night
before. Keep a plentiful supply of fresh fillings in covered jars in the
ice-box, other necessities on the pantry shelf, and use the mass production
method of assembly." Culinary Arts institute Encyclopedic Cookbook,

For years my husband and children have taken their lunches to work and school each day. I once wrote a blog post called Fabulous Ideas for Make-and-Take Lunches, and we use those ideas all the time. And despite the advice in the quote above, we always make our lunches the night before. There just isn't time in the morning when everyone is rushing around madly getting ready for the day ahead.

Now that I too am taking my own lunch to work four days a week, I make sure that there are lots of yummy things in the house that I like to eat too. Otherwise, the temptation to buy lunch is too great.

My favourite work lunch? It's rather extravagant, I'm afraid, but totally delicious.

My Favourite Made-at-Home Lunch Menu

Flatbread (any kind) filled with smoked turkey, cranberry sauce, brie, semi-dried tomatoes and greens

2 pieces of fruit (at the moment, Pink Lady apples or mandarins)


a couple of squares dark chocolate, for energy


Although I love to bake, I don't usually take cake or biscuits for lunch as I find that the sugar and carbs make me sleepy after lunch.

What is your favourite packed lunch?

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