When is Busy too Busy?

Woman Has Been Very Busy Shopping So Much So That Her Helper is Hidden Under a Pile of Parcels

Let me ask you something. When is being busy fun and when does it turn the corner and become crazy and stressful?

At the moment I am quite enjoying being super-busy. I am feeling energetic and organised, which is a good thing. Because I now work four days a week, I have to fit everything that is not work into the other three days.

Here is an example of a typical Saturday (today) and you'll see what I mean by busy.

7 am: Get up, shower, breakfast (except I ran out of time for breakfast because I slept through my alarm.)

8 am: Arrive at basketball court with my eldest son

8.30 -10: Basketball-watching and chatting to the other parents. Being new to Adelaide, I ruthlessly introduce myself to people and they are usually lovely about it. Unfortunately the boys lost 43-18

10.30-12: My daughter and I canvassed a local shopping centre for donations for our Scout Group's trivia night

12-1: Took my sweet daughter shopping to look for the black pants she needs for her 7th grade production, in which she has a leading role (Note to self: Must remember to buy tickets this week)

1-1.15: home for lunch

1-15-1.30: Visited the beautician to have my eyebrows tweezed -- definitely necessary maintenance work, in my case, that I have put off for a l-o-o-n-n-n-g time

1.30-2.45: Visited two open houses that we are interested in

3-4.30: Attended my daughter's netball game with my youngest son, who loves to cheer the girls on (they won 23-9 today. Yay!)

4.45: Arrived home and encouraged my eldest son to study for the half-year exams that begin on Monday

4.50-5.15: Paid bills and did household paperwork. I have more to do but am taking a break to blog.

Hopefully, tonight -- after I cook the dinner -- I can put my feet up and watch a DVD or TV movie with the kids. At least I'm not going out again today. Hooray for a quiet night at home!

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