Thrilled to Bits

Yesterday's blog post was missing something, wasn't it? When I wrote about rugs and roses and other ways to cheer up a dark place like my living room in the winter, I didn't say anything at all about lighting.

And lighting is so important. Most people who know about such things (and I am afraid I am fairly clueless about interior design) say that table lamps provide much better ambience than ceiling lights. Especially when those ceiling lights are fluorescent strips or halogen down lights.

I agree about the importance of table lamps, it's just that I don't own any. I have been looking to buy lamps but either the price is too high or the quality is poor.

Then today, when I arrived home from grocery shopping mid-afternoon, my husband told me that there was a garage sale across the road (how did I miss this?) and the man was selling two lamps which my husband thought I might like.

I crossed the road, visited the afore-mentioned man, and did a great deal on two vintage table lamps with off-white pleated shades and heavy alabaster bases. They had been his parents' bedside lamps for many, many years, he said.

The shades are lighter than these photos indicate; the bulb makes them look yellowish.

Well, I am thrilled to bits, and I think my room looks s-o-o-o much better.

What do you think?

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