Winter Warmers

Parapluie-Revel, c.1922

For a place with such incredibly hot summers, Adelaide sure does get cold in the winter. Especially at night. I am sitting here in my studio dressed in a blouse, jumper, trench coat, trackpants, thick socks and fluffy slippers and I'm still cold.

I'm still adjusting to being a working mum, which is why blog posts have been less frequent of late. I'm going to make a big effort to write more often. I promise.

As well, in the winter there is very little time after work to take blog-worthy pictures before it gets too dark. The house we are renting is horribly dark too, so I am struggling to get decent interior shots. Why, oh why, did the owners paint their windowless dining room blood red? (That was a rhetorical question; there really is no rational answer to it.)

Anyhow, to get winter at our red house rolling (and apologies to those fortunate Northern Hemisphere folk who are entering summer), here is a list of warming wintry recipes that I have previously published here.






I've just realised that I have never published any warming winter drinks. I think I'll remedy that over the next few days.

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