Bubble, Bubble

As a child I thought that Shakespeare's witches were chanting "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble" instead of "Double, double toil and trouble".

My youngest two boys are often full of mischief, and indeed, can be double trouble, but at the moment their greatest mischief is creating 'experiments' with soap, bubble bath mix and dish detergent.

A few days ago my husband came home from a workmate's wedding shower with these cute little wedding-cake bubble kits, and since then we've had bubble mania.

I have only ever made bubble mix using detergent and water, although the 'experts' (if there is such a thing as a bubble expert) suggest that stronger bubbles can be made by adding a little glycerin to the mix.

Bubble Mix

7 parts water

3 parts dish detergent

1 part glycerine (from supermarkets or pharmacies)

Combine the above and start blowing bubbles.

Red House Tips:

  1. This is one recipe where exact measurements don't really matter. If you combine a drip of glycerine with a good squeeze of detergent and add water, the mixture will still make good bubbles.
  2. My friend Phoebe used to carry a little container of bubble mix in her baby daughter's nappy bag. If they were out somewhere and Zara grew restless, Phoebe would blow bubbles to keep her entertained.

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