Muffin Inspiration

Like many parents around the world, I spend a large part of each Saturday attending my children's sports games. Currently, we have soccer, netball and basketball teams to cheer for and encourage.

While rising early on a wintry Saturday morning to stand outside in the cold is not one of life's greatest pleasures, it does at least become bearable if there is a hot drink to sip and something high in carbs to eat.

Some entrepreneurial chaps have sensibly decided that parents like me are an easy target and they drive their coffee van right into my son's school. They have an espresso machine in the back of the van and they sell muffins and doughnuts to eat.

Sucker that I am for an attractive muffin or cupcake, I succumbed and spent too much on a raspberry and chunky chocolate muffin. It looks fabulous doesn't it?

Unfortunately, the muffin was a disappointment. Apart from the raspberry jam and chocolate studding the top, the rest of the muffin was bereft of either flavouring and was just cake.

"I can do better than this", I thought. So I went home and started experimenting.

Come back tomorrow and I'll share my recipe for raspberry and chunky white chocolate muffins. Yum!

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