Two New Things That I Have Done

1. I constructed my first piece of flat-pack furniture. On Friday I bought my eldest son a flat-pack desk with hutch and shelves. He has a tiny bedroom and needed a desk with storage for his schoolbooks.

The desk came with detailed instructions using miniscule drawings. There were a few flaws, such as missing screws and holes that hadn't been drilled where they were meant to be, but that's a fact-of life with flat-packed furniture. Right?

I was determined to build the desk before my husband got home from work. It took about 5 hours, but I finally did it. I made lots of mistakes, like screwing the drawer runners in upside down, but finally I worked out where everything was meant to go. The desk even looked like the one in the shop.

Unfortunately, I couldn't screw all the screws tight enough using a manual screwdriver and I ended up with several nasty blisters on my hands.

So, on Saturday:

2. I bought my first powertool. I bought a lovely powerdrill with screwdriver bits and used it to finish off the desk. It made the job so much easier, but then, it cost more than the desk. I wish I had had a drill in the first place.

So here I am. A woman with a drill. Pretty powerful, huh?

Have you done anything recently that you have never done before?

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