A Scaly Old Hag

I have always had a lackadaisical attitude towards skincare, that is to say, I have rarely moisturised, ever. Every so often I try to set up a beauty routine of sorts, but it never lasts for long.

Unfortunately, like many natural redheads, I have very fair, dry, sensitive skin -- skin that I am sure will turn into a mass of wrinkles over the next decade unless I do something about it now. You'll see a scaly old hag strolling down the street and it will be me. Or maybe I'll go into hiding. Or wear a burkah.

It's just that I blanch at the cost of most commercial skincare products. And the few that I've tried don't seem to make much difference. Sometimes they even seem to dry my skin out further. And I worry about all the strange things they have in them.

So tell me, can you recommend a not-too-expensive commercial moisturing cream or treatment for someone with dry, sensitive skin?

Do you have a home-made recipe that actually works?

If you tell me of a recipe that I like I'll publish it, acknowledging you, of course.

I know that I'll never look 18 again, but I would prefer not to have a future where I am regularly compared to a crone/a sharpei dog/a prune/a walnut shell.

image is a 1939 Ponds ad

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