Easy Cupcakes by Colour

For months, every time I have wandered down the magazine aisle of the supermarket I have been tempted by the Australian Women's Weekly's Easy Cupcakes By Colour cookbook. Many a time have I leafed through this book without buying. That is, until today.

I couldn't hold off any longer. Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the desire to bake pretty, spring-like cupcakes. Lacking inspiration of my own, I knew this cookbook would provide ideas. And it does, in abundance.

Easy Cupcakes By Colour is divided into five chapters based on colour: pink, white, yellow, blue and green, and chocolate. There are over 100 pages of scrumptious pictures of cupcakes and descriptions of how to decorate them. Pictures of the various decorations, along with cake and frosting recipes, are at the back of the book. Included are dairy and gluten-free cupcake recipes for those with restricted diets.

Mind you, I have had very little opportunity to look at the book since I arrived home as the kids keep disappearing with it. I can see that cupcakes are going to feature heavily in next week's menu.

Let the baking begin!

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