Raindrops on Roses (and Ten of My Favourite Things)

While they don't quite make my top ten list of favourite things, raindrops on roses are certainly exquisite. In a dry city like Adelaide all rain is a cause for celebration. There are very few experiences quite so wonderful as seeing a parched garden revive after rain, with raindrops glowing like jewels on every blade of grass, every rose petal.

While I am in a Sound of Music frame of mind, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things.

Ten of My Favourite Things

1. The smell of a new baby, especially at the back of its head and the nape of its neck.

2. The pleasure of baking a cake from scratch; creaming the soft butter and sugar with a wooden spoon, beating in the eggs, then sifting in the flour.

3. The smell of damp earth in a well-tended vegetable patch after rain.

4. Summer at the beach; warm sand between my toes; the smell of salt; the shrieks of happy children

5. My beautiful children and husband; I often wonder how I got to have such a wonderful family; what did I do to deserve such joy?

6. A hot bath with bubbles and a good but not too serious book; a guilty pleasure with our water shortages but one I enjoy greatly.

7. Classical and jazz music; I shut my eyes and soak the music in; I wish it would never end

8. A meal cooked by someone else: while I love to cook, I also relish being cooked for -- especially when I am not responsible for cleaning up afterwards. And because I cook all the time and know what work it is, I value the effort made by others when they cook for me.

9. A quiet, clean house: a rare but joyous experience!

10. Time spent with good friends: I value friendships all the more because I have had to move interstate twice and start again. New friends are a blessing, but old friends, where you share a history and feel accepted even on your bad days, are even better.

What are your favourite things?

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