A time to blog

I read somewhere - probably on another blog - that around 90% of blog posts are explanations or apologies about why the blogger hasn't been blogging much lately.

Whether that statistic is true or not, I am afraid that this post belongs in that category.

Between the demands of work and a busy season at home, house-hunting and housework, and the mere fact that with four computer literate kids it is often difficult to get near a keyboard when the urge to blog hits, I know I haven't written much lately.

Please accept my apology; I will try to write more frequently in future.

On a positive note, we are optimistic that we will buy a house in the near future. More properties are coming on the market now that spring is here. And once I have my own home again I will have so much more blog material, material that has lacked since we moved to Adelaide and began renting. There will be vegetables to grow and flowers to cultivate, renovations to consider if we buy a fixer-upper, rooms to decorate and maybe even a pet or two for the kids.

I'll keep you posted!

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