Big Mac Clones and Other Menus For This Week

Spring has sprung, and with it comes such delights as fresh strawberries, new potatoes and asparagus (although I have not yet seen fresh asparagus in the shops). Citrus fruits are in season, as are spring onions and broccoli. So many wonderful things with which to create a seasonal menu!

This week we are experimenting with something that is hardly seasonal but that should be fun: my eldest son has found an online video and recipe for making home-made Big Mac hamburgers, and I have agreed to let him give them a try. We'll have to make some substitutions -- American cheese is not available in Australian stores -- but I figure, if a kid wants to cook, then let him (or her).

How to Clone a Big Mac - with Todd Wilbur

The recipe for home-made Big Macs can be found here.


pan-fried fish (dipped in a little flour and lemon pepper seasoning)

lemon wedges, tartare sauce

green salad

fresh strawberries


Big Mac clones

oven fries

orange wedges


chicken, broccoli, bok choi and green onion stir-fry


fresh fruit


chicken breasts wrapped in bacon

green beans

mashed potatoes


marinated lamb wraps (lamb marinated in olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and rosemary with salad, hommus or tzatziki in pitas)
ice cream


roast chicken with roast potatoes, pumpkin and onions

green beans

apple crisp with custard
Baking: marbled choc-caramel cupcakes

What will you be eating this week?

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