Cupcakes for School

Do all primary school aged children around the world take a treat to share with their classmates on their birthday?

While this was not a common practice back in the dark ages when I was at school, today it seems to be the norm.

My children are not shy at requesting exactly what they want. My newly-turned 11 year old wanted chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing - and got them.

The icing was made very simply by melting a little butter, adding about 1 1/2 cups of icing sugar and a heaped spoonful of sifted cocoa. I then added a little milk until the desired consistency was achieved.

'Flat' icing is much easier to transport than the whipped types of frosting that are so gloriously decorative but easily squashable. And transportability is an important factor when the cupcakes are being carried by a young boy.

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