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Today my children's primary school is shut for Show Day. It is the first day of the Royal Adelaide Show and parents are encouraged to take their children.

We're going on Sunday instead when all the family will be home, so today it's just me and my youngest three.

I have been considering various activities that I could do with them to make this a special day.

Here are some of the possibilities:

If we go to the Adelaide Zoo it will cost $68.00. If we buy lunch it will be much more expensive. Season tickets would make the zoo cheaper, but we really don't go to the zoo enough to make them worthwhile.

If we go to a movie it will cost around $60.00, just for the tickets.

If we go ten-pin bowling and bowl one game it will cost $55.00.

If we have lunch at MacDonalds we will spend around $22.00.

If we walk to the bakery for milkshakes we will spend $15.20 ($3.80 each).

The park and the library are free, but are not really special, as we go there all the time.

While my thrifty self wants to spend as little as possible, another part of me also wants to fill my children's lives with fun and new experiences that will give them lasting memories. Unfortunately, these things usually cost lots of money. Australia seems to be particularly expensive for family-type activities.

Striking a balance between saving money and having fun can be very difficult!

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