Quilts, Cupcakes and Costumes

Sunday saw us up bright and early and off to visit the Royal Adelaide Show.

While the rides, showbags and free food samples appeal to my children, my favourite parts of the show are the baking and craft displays and the animals.

Today's post is mostly pictures taken of quilts and cupcakes (of course), with some fabulous costumes to close.

Every time I see displays like these cupcakes I think that they don't look all that difficult and I should enter the next year, but I never do anything about it.

Finally, the costumes. Like everyone who sees them, I was stunned by the beauty and detail of the Jenny Gillies' costumes on display. Gillies, a New Zealand costume and fabric artist makes exquisite costumes designed to look like flowers. My pictures really don't do justice to them.

Watching beautiful, elegant young women parade in these costumes is truly a sight to behold. I was assured by a horticulturalist that the flowers are anatomically correct as well as lovely.

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