My First Halloween

Do you remember the first time you celebrated Halloween? I do.

It was October of 1981 and I had just turned 12. Immersed in the world of books, as usual, I had read all about Halloween. I knew what fun American children had trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples and joining in scavenger hunts.

Naively thinking that I could share in such experiences, I invited Tracy and Natalie from school to go trick-or-treating with me.

Big mistake.

We knocked on a few doors but nobody had heard of Halloween. We were told in no uncertain terms to go away.


Only in the past few years has Halloween started to take off in Australia. Trick-or-treating has become quite popular if on a much smaller scale than in the States. Halloween parties have become quite common too.

We will be attending one that will involve sausages on the barbie, ice cream cones and plenty of cold beer.

Not exactly spooky, but very, very Australian.

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