No More Training Wheels

From a parent's point of view there are lots of important milestones in a child's life - learning to walk, those treasured first words; learning to read - to name but a few.

However, from a child's point of view few events are more memorable than the day they first learn to ride a bicycle without training wheels.

Our older children learned to ride a bike at around age five but we have waited longer with our youngest, mostly because we just haven't got around to it. However, this sunny spring weekend seemed the perfect time for this special event.

All four of our children have learned to ride on the same blue bike which is now rather creaky and rusty, but it has been a loyal friend and has served its purpose well.

Here is our little boy getting ready to ride.




And off he went ... after a few falls and crashes, of course.

Afterwards he said, "Mum, I am so happy. I am very proud of myself."

I'm very proud of him too.

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