2009 in Review

After 2008, which involved several unexpected and major life changes for our family - moving to a new city where we didn't know a soul; a new job for my husband; new schools for our children; a new church; selling our home and becoming renters for the first time since 1993 - I expected that 2009 would be much more peaceful.

By now I expected to own my own home again and perhaps be working a day or two each week in an 'easy' part-time job.

However, life has a way of challenging our expectations. 2009 has proved to be more challenging and demanding than I could have imagined.

In late April I was offered a temporary job that has since become permanent. After many years at home I was grateful for this opportunity to re-enter the 'public' workforce. However, the work, while rewarding, is stressful, and is 4 full days a week.

Financially, the decision to work has been a good one, but by the end of 2009 I was completely exhausted. I tried very hard to be an excellent worker and a domestic goddess and ended up feeling like I was not achieving either.

We still haven't bought a home in Adelaide, largely due to lack of choice in the area in which we are living. We wish to remain in this part of Adelaide as we don't want to have to make the kids change schools again, but househunting has proved to be an exercise in frustration, persistence and patience.

God-willing we will find a house to buy in the near future. While I don't look forward to moving again, I feel strongly that Adelaide will only truly feel like 'home' once we have our own house. I am itching to be able to decorate, grow vegetables, keep chooks and be able to give my children a pet, none of which we can do here.

On a more positive note, my children are all thriving, despite missing their life in Melbourne. I feel blessed to be their mother every minute of every day. My husband is a pillar of strength and is a constant source of encouragement, hugs and chocolate. What more could a girl want?

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will know that I have posted much less frequently over the past year than previously. I am hoping to commit more time to writing here in 2010. Thank you for your patience in continuing to visit. I appreciate each and every one of you.

How has your life changed in 2009?

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