How We Know We Picked the Perfect Week for Our Holiday

  1. It rained the day before we arrived and just as we were leaving, but in between the weather was delightfully hot and sunny.
  2. My hard-working brother was able to take the week off work and booked a flat just down the road. This meant that the Adelaide cousins and the Sydney cousins could see each other every day for a week. A rare joy!
  3. All our other Sydney family members were able to drive to Avoca to see us some time during the week. We were blessed by their generosity and revelled in their company after being so isolated in Adelaide.
  4. Our days at the beach were mercifully free of nasties such as the blue bottles that can make holidays at the beach in NSW a misery. Once stung by a blue bottle you never forget it!

And finally:

5. A man was attacked by a shark very close to the shore just as we were leaving Avoca yesterday. We are very grateful not to have experienced a shark attack! It could so easily have been one of us.

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