Seventeen Days

I feel like whooping with joy.

After a busy and stressful month (year! - it's been an oh-so-steep learning curve) at work, I am now on holidays. For the next seventeen days. Hurray!

These seventeen days will be days when I can sleep in, hang out with my kids, cook, do a little crafting and read, read, read. Hopefully I will also have more time for blogging, which I sorely miss doing regularly.

Even more exciting, on Saturday we are flying to Sydney for Christmas. We will be staying at beautiful Avoca Beach which is about an hour north of Sydney. Our families will congregate there for the week. We haven't had a holiday for two years so we have really been looking forward to this.

Avoca was my favourite place to holiday when I was a child but I haven't been there for about 18 years.

So not only am I free from work commitments for seventeen days, but I am about to spend a week at one of my favourite places in the world with some of my favourite people. And it's Christmas.

Life doesn't get much better than this!

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