Decorating Biscuits for Australia Day

I am no longer the one who creates craft and cooking activities for my youngest son. Without being asked, and with great energy and flair, my beautiful 13 year old daughter has taken on this role.

Often she will ask me to purchase particular ingredients or other items for some activity or other she has planned. And usually I am very happy to oblige.

For an Australia Day activity Miss 13 asked if she and her little brother could decorate milk arrowroot biscuits.

She made Aussie green icing with two cups of icing sugar and a little boiling water and green food colouring. The table was laid out with Smarties, sprinkles, the biscuits and a range of spoons and knives for spreading and decorating.

At first only Miss 13 and her little brother worked on the biscuits, but eventually the other two boys joined in.

Whether you are watching the tennis or the cricket, going to the beach, eating a lamington or having a barbie ... or none of these things ... I hope you have a happy Australia Day.

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!

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