Moving Tip # 1: Write a List

Moving house can feel like having to scale a mountain. There are boxes to pack and possibly a house to get ready to sell. There may be schools to arrange and upset family members to condole. Add to that farewell parties, organising utilities, redirecting the mail and any number of other tasks, and life for the chief packer can feel very out of control indeed.

Before starting, it is well worth taking a deep breath, sitting down somewhere comfortable, and writing out a list of things that you need to achieve. Try googling "Moving house checklist" if you are unsure what you need to do - there are lists from all over the world. Set rough goals for each of the remaining weeks, but don't beat yourself up if you are unable to meet them.

I promise that no matter how well prepared you are you will be up very late the night before your move doing last-minute things. And no matter how disorganised you are, somehow the day that big truck pulls up outside your house you will be ready to go.

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