Moving Tip # 2: Pack from Least Used to Most Used

When moving house always pack the things you use least first. Things that may fall in ths category are:

  • unseasonal clothing and sporting gear (but don't pack everything in case you get unseasonal weather!)
  • kids' clothes in 'between' sizes
  • seasonal decorating items
  • anything kept in a very high cupboard - if it lives up there you don't use it much
  • ornaments and pictures - they may be pretty but you are not likely to need to 'use' them
  • rarely used kitchen appliances

Conversely, the things that should be packed last are those that you use every day:

  • cutlery and crockery
  • bedding
  • special toys
  • clothes you need

Unfortunately, there are usually many items that are used every day, which is why most of us are up very late the night before moving.

You may be wondering how my packing is going. The answer is that so far I have packed one measly box. Based on the principles above I filled it with our antique silver tea services (we have two), other silverware, framed pictures and candlesticks. I was limited to what I could pack in the room where I was watching Desperate Housewives. After a long day at work it was all I could manage.

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