Moving Tip # 5: Take Time Out with Your Family

You know how it is when you're packing to move; you can get so caught up in all the details - packing boxes, organising new schools, arranging for the mail to be redirected - that you forget to stop and relax.

One of the things I wish we had done before leaving Melbourne was visit our favourite places and say good bye to them. It would also have been good to have made time to visit some of the places that we had always wanted to visit, but never got around to.

If I had my time over again I would stop all the packing and worrying for one day each week and go somewhere with the family just to be. I would pause more to hear about how they felt about the move. And I would try to be less frazzled about the whole thing - even though it was exceedingly stressful.

This time we are only moving about 500 metres so we aren't really saying good bye to anything, but I am mindful not to let the move take over my life - well, no more than absolutely necessary, anyway.

So this is my moving tip for the day: take time out with your loved ones. Savour the place you are leaving. And spend a little time dreaming about the future together.

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