Toasted Cheese Sandwiches and Cornflakes for Dinner

Sometimes, when it's the fourth day of a heatwave and you've been at work all day, or the baby's been fretful (I remember those days well), or you've just been super busy and are at your wits end, or you're in the midst of packing to move house, then there is nothing for it but to have toasted sandwiches and cereal for dinner.

They're cheaper and quicker than buying takeaway. The sandwiches can be made almost nutritious with the addition of a sliced tomato. Add a sliced banana or some tinned peaches to the cereal and you have a nearly balanced meal. Well, so long as you don't eat like this every day.

Then with minimal cleaning up you can go and do what you really want. Like lie on your bed with a damp cloth on your brow, a novel in your hand and some chocolate (or a Lemon Ruski) within reach.

What do you prepare for dinner on those days when cooking a square meal seems an impossible task?

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