For those not familiar with recent events, let me provide a summary:

In July 2008 our family moved from Melbourne to Adelaide. We thought we would buy a house here quickly but in the end it took about 18 months to find and purchase our dream home. We were due to settle on the house on 15 March and had planned to move in the next day.

However, someone with a grievance against the seller listed a caveat against the house the Friday before settlement which meant that settlement did not proceed and we were unable to move as planned. This caveat was thrown out of of the Supreme Court last Friday and we thought our ordeal was over. Settlement was planned for early this morning.

Well, guess what - the (unspeakably horrible and malicious) person who listed the caveat has gone and listed another one. Even though listing a caveat against the same property twice is not allowed.


And I don't usually swear!

This afternoon we signed a license to occupy which means that we can move in on Wednesday, but we won't own the property until the case goes before the courts again - hopefully before the end of the week.

What a month!

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