Easy Meal Ideas, Please

In a fit of energy at 6 am this morning I cleaned my oven, cooktop and rangehood. This was after discovering yesterday that a cleaner would charge $60 to perform these tasks.

After our arduous week and knowing how heavy our commitments are over the next 10 days, we have decided to employ cleaners when we leave this property. However, there is no way that I am paying $60 just for the oven!

I know doing a final oven clean 10 days before moving house is a trifle premature, but I wanted to see how clean I could get the oven in case a second clean was required. Fortunately, as you can see below, the oven turned out very well.

My pristine oven leaves me with a dilemma, however, as I would prefer not to mess it up again before we move.

What am I going to cook for the next 10 days?

Since our microwave oven died a few months ago we haven't had a microwave, so I can't rely on quick meals that way.

I am feeling very uninspired at the moment, and would value your suggestions.

Can you suggest any good, quick, stovetop, barbecue, griddle, cold, or otherwise easy meals? Do you have any tips for preparing meals during those extra-busy periods in our lives?
Since we will want to cook simply our first few days at the new house, any easy meal ideas are fine - you don't have to limit yourself to microwave and oven-free ideas.

I have put one of those Linky thingies at the bottom of this post. If you haven't used one before, the idea is that you link to a post on your own blog. If you don't have a blog, ordinary comments are fine. Old blog posts with easy meal suggestions are fine, too.
Please link back to my blog when you write your post, so that others can find the complete list of suggestions. Thanks in advance.

If using a MckLinky proves popular I might make it a regular feature here at Our Red House.

Your tips and ideas for easy meals are greatly appreciated!

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