The Accident: An Update

Thank you to everyone who left a kind comment after my last post. Now that things have settled down I can tell you what happened.

On Monday my eldest son had a mountain bike accident while on school camp. Amongst other more minor injuries he sustained a significant gash in his upper thigh, where the leg joins the torso. The flesh was torn right through the muscle to the bone and he bled very heavily, soon going into shock. He was taken by car to a small country hospital where they quickly realised that his injuries were too serious to be managed there, so he was sent first by road ambulance and then by air ambulance back to Adelaide.

When we arrived at the hospital we saw a groggy, white-faced boy attached to several machines. He went into surgery at about 10.30 pm and at around midnight the surgeon called to say that the surgery had been successful. He is now home from hospital and mostly resting and he should eventually make a full recovery

We are very thankful for everyone who has helped and supported our family over the past two days. This includes the teachers whose quick actions in a rural location ensured that my son got the medical care he needed, other members of the school community who have offered support, the hospital staff, my boss for willingly giving me time off work, the lady from church who dropped off a meal last night, and everyone else who who has rung or emailed.

I am particularly grateful for the Australian public health system that provided two hospitals, an ambulance, a helicopter and a surgical team without charging us a cent.

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