The Saga of the House

Tonight was supposed to be our last night in our rental home. The real estate agent was going to deliver our keys and we were going to drive over to the new house for a look around. After that we were planning to order Indian takeaway and opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Unfortunately today did not go according to plan. On Friday somebody with a legal grievance against the vendor lodged a caveat against settlement of our new house. Our conveyancer only found out about the caveat this morning and settlement did not proceed.

We hope that the issues between the vendor and the caveat-lodger are resolved in the next day or two and we can move in before the weekend. We definitely hope that there aren't protracted legal issues.

In the meantime we are stuck with a house full of boxes and nowhere to go. We have had to cancel removalists, cleaners and others.

We are exceptionally thankful that a new tenant has not been found for this house. Otherwise we could be looking down the barrel of homelessness.

Who has ever heard of a house sale falling through because the vendor defaulted? I certainly hadn't. The conveyancer says this is the first time this has happened in her 15 year career.

This has not been a good March.

At least we can still have the Indian takeaway.

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