Still Our Red House

When I first moved to Adelaide in 2008 I wondered if I should change the name of my blog. I had named it after our home in Melbourne which was built from red clinker bricks, and sadly, that dear house was my home no more.

Funnily enough, we are living in a red house again. Although the front is a mixture of sandstone and painted bricks, the sides and back are all red bricks, as you can see in the image below.

Underneath the paint, the painted bricks on the front of the house are red. I know this because there are several other houses like this in our street, and many in this part of Adelaide. Sandstone-fronted, red-brick sided cottages are typical of the era (our house was built in 1915).

The garage, while a fairly recent addition, also follows this theme. The front is a sandstone veneer...

but the sides are red brick.

Welcome to our (new) red house.

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