Underplanting With Herbs

A great way to save money in the kitchen is to grow your own herbs. They are so very expensive at the supermarket, yet can be grown easily at home. Many even thrive in poor soils.

This weekend I bought some pots of herbs which I have planted underneath the roses growing near our back door. They will be conveniently close to the kitchen for picking at mealtimes and will also provide ground cover thus reducing weed growth in those garden beds.


So far I have planted sweet basil, thyme, oregano, sage, coriander, mint, rocket (arugula) and Italian parsley. We already have two large rosemary bushes. The basil will die off over winter but the rest should survive, although the coriander will go to seed next spring.

We have very mild winters so most herbs will do well year-round. However, if you live in a climate with harsher winters you may do better growing herbs in pots.

Do you grow herbs? Which are your favourite herbs for growing at home?

sweet basil

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