Saturday Musings

celebrating: that autumn appears to have arrived in Adelaide at last, bringing cold nights, warm days and even some rain.

thinking: that my family generates far too much plastic waste.  As I am the family's chief buyer I need to do something about this.  But can I make a difference?  And is there any way to buy milk without plastic?

planning: my spring vegetable garden.  I know it's only autumn, but I need to think ahead.  There are existing plants in the spot I have chosen for my vegie patch, so I have some clearing to do.  I'm also considering  whether I have room in my small backyard for a couple more fruit trees (I already have an orange and a lemon tree).  Local readers, does anyone know of a reliable source for bare-rooted fruit trees in Adelaide?

reading: (actually re-reading) Peter Cundall's The Practical Australian Gardener.

eating: Cote D'or 70% chocolate with raspberries.  Heaven.

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