June Garden 2010

Although it's technically winter, the weather feels more like autumn, with cold, crisp nights and cool, sunny days. 

There are still roses in bloom and the lavender clearly hasn't realised that it's winter yet; it's still covered with flowers and buzzing with bees.

Below you can see the four fruit trees I recently planted; a Satsuma plum, Tahitian lime, Emperor mandarin and Washington naval orange.  I will underplant the plum tree with rhubarb but am waiting for rhubarb crowns to appear at my local plant nursery.  I have sown nasturtium seeds under the three baby citrus trees which should provide colourful groundcover as well as flowers and leaves for salads.

This area in the back corner of my garden will be my vegetable patch.  I am going to try a four-bed rotating system.  I have marked out the beds with old bricks but haven't dug them in as I may need to move them again.  Some seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago are just starting to germinate.  I'll post pictures as they grow.

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