The Underside of the Teacups, and Sunday Lunch

After yesterday's post about my unidentified Royal Grafton Red china service, a reader asked if I could take a photo of the underside to help her work out the name of the design.

So here it is; the underside of one of the teacups.

I'm afraid it's probably not much help!

As I write this I feel like the Goodyear blimp.  We had the most enormous lunch today with friends from church.  

As they have five kids and we have four, and some of their family is vegetarian, I decided to get everyone to make their own pizzas.  There were ham and pepperoni, sliced red peppers, semi-dried tomatoes, sliced canned artichokes, baby spinach leaves and olives, along with plenty of grated mozzarella, of course.  I also made a big, garlicky couscous salad with chickpeas and other vegies for a side dish.

Dessert was a mixed berry crumble, my home-made chocolate brownies, cream and vanilla ice cream.

Our friends brought the most delicious, oozy camembert cheese from the Adelaide Central Market, and I have eaten w-a-y too much of it.

You know Sunday lunch is going well when everyone is still sitting around chatting at 4 pm!

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