A Lazy Day

Today I woke up feeling lazy.  Too lazy to get up.  My bed was warm and cosy and rain was drumming on the roof.

My husband made me breakfast in bed, although I got up to eat it.  There were soft-boiled eggs and buttered toast, toast with raspberry jam and freshly-squeezed orange juice made from oranges from our tree.  He followed up with a cup of freshly-ground coffee.  What a sweetheart!

I did go for an hour-long walk in the afternoon, despite the toe-numbing cold, so I suppose I redeemed myself a bit.

Can you believe that we've lived in this house for three and a half months already?  I can't.  I have a list of things to get for the house that I haven't done anything about.  All in good time, I guess.  I still don't know the best places to go in Adelaide for good deals on furniture, either second-hand or new.

However, furniture shopping can wait until I feel more energetic.  Maybe in the spring.

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