Excited About Seeds

Now that the days are growing longer I am getting super-excited about my spring vegetable garden.  I can hardly wait to have tomatoes and sweetcorn and peppers and cucumbers waiting to be picked just outside my back door.   This will be my first vegie patch since we moved to Adelaide and my fingers are very, very itchy to get working.

Unfortunately, it's far too early to plant summer vegies but I can still think, plan and dream.

I can also keenly watch the growth of the things I have already planted: broccoli and onions, garlic, broadbeans, radishes, cos lettuces and silverbeet (Swiss chard).  On the weekend I even planted out a few early potatoes under compost and straw.

By the way, is it 'veggie' or 'vegie'?

I always thought the latter spelling was correct until I saw the kids' TV show Veggie Tales, and now I alternate between the two - which is traumatic for a spelling pedant such as myself.

Do you grow your own vegetables?  If so, what kinds?

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