5 Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

Many of us love a good cup of coffee, but what to do with the used coffee grounds? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Use as a mulch around acid-loving plants: Acid-loving plants include azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, blue hydrangeas and blueberries.  I have been collecting coffee grinds from our work coffee machine to use around my blueberries, as Adelaide soil tends to be alkaline.
  2. Compost them or use in a worm farm: fairly obvious but true
  3. Bug repellant:  Scatter coffee grounds around near ant nests or around plants easily damaged by snails and slugs to deter the creepy-crawlies.
  4. Natural Dye:  As most of us know, coffee stains when spilt, so use coffee grounds steeped in boiling water as a brown dye for Easter eggs and even clothing.  (First soak the fabric in coffee, air dry it, then wash in cold water to set the dye.)
  5. Fridge deodoriser:  Coffee grounds in a clean, old sock tied at the top can be used to deodorise the fridge, but make sure the grounds are dry or they'll go mouldy.
For more tips for things to do with coffee grinds, visit here and here.

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