Backyard Harvest: Rosemary

As for rosemary, I let it run all over my garden walls, not only because my bees love it but because it is the herb sacred to remembrance and to friendship, whence a sprig of it hath a dumb language. 
Sir Thomas More (1478-1535)

It took me quite a long time to get the above photo of a bee on one of our rosemary bushes.  The bees refused to pose and either flew away before I could photograph them or else gave me shots of their rear ends as they dived into the flowers!

In Australia, rosemary grows beautifully as a perennial.  It is well suited to our hot, dry climate.

Today a picked a few sprigs and use them to make a rosemary, lemon and garlic marinade for some chicken thighs, which I later cooked in the wok with red capsicum strips and sliced onions.

What did you harvest from your garden this week?

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