Ugly Lemon

I think this is the ugliest lemon that I have ever seen.  It's ugly and lumpy and looks like it has dilated pores, like an unfortunate teenager recovering from acne.  Let's hope it's prettier on the inside!

It was the last lemon on our tree.  Admittedly, this winter's crop was a measly total of seven lemons.  The tree, which has looked sick ever since we moved here, is now covered in hundreds of tiny purple flower buds and a few baby purple leaves.  I am giving the poor tree as much TLC as I can, to get it back on its feet (I know that's a silly metaphor for a tree!).  Last week I fed it with blood and bone mixed with potash and I've been giving it regular doses of worm juice. 

And I've been encouraging the boys to, ahem, 'water' it themselves, if you know what I mean.

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