My Sunny Kitchen Tour

After our last house, a rental, which had a dreary, windowless kitchen, I was very keen to have a window in my next kitchen.  Oh, and plenty of bench space.  Fortunately, this house has both. 
I will never underestimate how wonderful it is to be able to daydream out a window when my hands are deep in sudsy water.

Here are some views of our kitchen from a few different angles.
From the family room.

A corner from within the kitchen.

Looking out across the table to the garden.  The family room/informal living room is to the right.

And here are some details.

I haven't bought anything new for this kitchen, so what I am showing is things I already had.  Fortunately, just about everything goes with an off-white kitchen!

Anyhow, here's the windowsill, which has a little blue dish my husband brought back from china, a little bowl with my favourite rose-scented soap, and a blue chook.  The tree outside the window is a lemon tree which I have underplanted with strawberries given to me by a friend.

As you can see, the splashbacks and windowsill are granite as well as the benches.This makes for very easy cleaning!

A little birthday gift from friends who know how much I love to grow things.

This small white bin is used for kitchen scraps which I put in one of our worm farms (we have two).

Finally, some canisters.

I hope you have enjoyed my kitchen tour.  It is participating in Show Us Your Life Friday: Kitchens at Kelly's Korner blog.

Have a wonderful weekend. 

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