Organising a Shared Kids' Bedroom

Organising a bedroom shared by two or more children can be a real challenge.  This is especially the case when the bedroom is not a large one.  In this post I will show some of the ways we manage a bedroom shared by two of our sons, aged 12 and 7.

The boys have always shared a bedroom.  In the past they had bunk beds but when we moved into this house in March we decided to take the bunks apart and give them single beds.  This has resulted in less floor space but I think a more pleasant living environment for the boys. 

I think the trick to managing a shared space is to allow separate places for the children's special treasures whilst minimising the amount of clutter in the room.  For example, I keep a large suitcase in the garage full of off-season boys clothes so their cupboards and drawers only need to hold gear they are currently using.  

Having furniture with a dual purpose is also very useful.  For instance, the blue and white chest of drawers holds clothes but also doubles as a bedside table for both boys.

Another thing to remember is that while we can decorate a baby's room to our heart's content, older children will want some say in how their rooms look and what items they want on display, and that may not be to our own taste.  That is one of the (many) reasons why you never see a teenage boy's room featured in a magazine!

Although not shown, there is a large built-in wardrobe in the room that holds many of the boys' clothes and toys.

You will observe that I don't store anything under the beds.  There is too much temptation for young boys to hide lolly wrappers and dirty clothes under their beds without adding to the mess!

This original artwork of a crocodile attacking a koala was done by the 12 year old when he was in year 4 and is the only artwork in the room at present.

I bought this small Edwardian desk in a local antique shop and it is perfect for this small space.  The drawers provide extra storage and the lid pulls down to form the desk.

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