Essential Edibles Food Swap November 2010

Today was the third Essential Edibles Food Swap organised by Sustainable Communities SA.  

I love this monthly food swap.  People bring along anything they have grown themselves, such as fruit, vegetables, herbs, seeds and seedlings, flowers, and even occasionally some home-made preserves.  Running from 9 until 11 on the first Sunday of each month, the food swap builds community, cuts down on food miles, encourages generosity - and not a cent changes hands.

This month I contributed yellow roses, radishes, broad beans, rosemary, and lettuce, coriander and geranium seedlings.

I was thrilled to bring home a couple more tomato seedlings (you can never have enough!), an aloe vera seedling, a couple of globe artichoke seedlings and a jar of preserved lemons.

If you live in Adelaide we'd love to see you at the next food swap, which will be held on December 5th at Joslin Reserve, between 3rd and 4th Avenues.  If you don't live locally but enjoy growing things, why not start your own food swap?  They are lots of fun and you meet the most interesting people.

PS. I discovered tonight that there is a photo of me at the last food swap on my local state member of parliament's website here.

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