Laundry Room and Spooky Cellar Tour

At first I thought I would show you some photos of my laundry for Show Us Your Life Friday this week as I haven't posted any pictures of this room before.  Then I realised that the theme for the week is Playrooms, Bonus Rooms and Laundry Rooms, so I decided to share some pictures of our spooky cellar as well.

I'll start with our laundry room, or just plain 'laundry' as we Australians say.  This laundry is by far the nicest one I have ever had because it has so much cupboard space.  The only disadvantage is that there is not really a spot for the clothes dryer.  Since taking these photos I have moved the dryer out of the way - we don't use it at all during the warmer months anyway.
Looking towards the outside door; the room is fairly bland and functional and will stay that way for a while as decorating the laundry is very low on my list of priorities!
The pretty ceiling.

Finally, an essential feature of every Australian laundry: the outdoor clothesline.  We have such a hot, sunny climate there is really no excuse to use an electric dryer for most of the year.  And our electricity prices are rising at the rate of about 20% per annum at present, so using free sunshine to dry clothes makes a lot of sense.

To visit our underground cellar you go down these stairs.  You can feel the air get colder as you go down.
The cellar is built into the bluestone foundations of the house and would have been essential during extreme Adelaide summers in the days before refrigeration.  Since these photos were taken I have begun to store food down there - things like long-life milk and jars of home-made marmalade.
As I wrote in my previous post about the cellar, two of my children would like to use this room as a clubhouse.  However, my youngest really doesn't like going down into the cellar at all by himself because it is so cold and rather spooky.  Visiting children always want to hang out in the cellar.

I hope you have enjoyed my laundry and spooky cellar tour.  I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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