Our L'il Aussie Halloween

Although I didn't grow up celebrating Halloween, I like it more and more each year.  I know Halloween is often criticised for being over-commercial and too American.  But it's just so much fun.

For the third year in a row we went to a Halloween party at our friends the Holmeses' house.  It was great fun and the kids had a marvellous time eating way too many lollies with their friends. It was so cold I could almost imagine it was autumn, although the roses in all the gardens were a reminder that we are actually in spring.

This year for the first time many stores were selling those round, orange American pumpkins that are so different from the blueish-grey ones we have here. They do seem to make a superior Jack o' lantern although at about $4 a kilo they were very pricey.

trick or treat?

Jack o' lantern

my little necromancer (that's what he said he was!)

I hope you had a happy Halloween, wherever in the world you are!
gingerbread skeletons

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