Back from the Wedding and Christmas Road Trip

Well, we're finally home from our two week road trip to Sydney and Canberra.  We experienced flood detours, my dear youngest brother's wedding, and a fabulous family Christmas.  We went to the beach, picnicked by Sydney Harbour, and spent much-needed time with family and friends.  

And there was lots and lots of driving - the round trip ended up being over 3,000 kilometres.

We arrived home this afternoon to much browner South Australian countryside than that we left.  The garden is looking sad and bedraggled from today's intense heat.  I'm hoping to get up early tomorrow before it gets too hot and work out what has survived and what, unfortunately, is headed for the compost bin.

I'm looking forward to sharing some of the hundreds of photos with you over the next few days.  However now I need to clean the kitchen, have a shower, and drag this poor, tired body off to bed.

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